Why we do it


Our model is based on the philosophy that solving the worlds biggest problems represents the worlds biggest profit potential.

Our ideal partner companies:

  • Understand the problem they are solving
  • Have business fundamentals built on a sustainable business model
  • Have a clear model for monetizing a robust market potential
  • Own innovative products and services
  • Can articulate a strong customer value proposition
  • Can attract an experienced management team
  • Have demonstrated a predictable track record
  • Have the potential to scale massively

We are developing a global ecosystem to increase collisions and reduce friction.

For companies seeking to grow, Changing Tide Ventures provides the human, leadership, network and financial capital necessary to fuel growth. We are not third-party investors, but rather true business partners with a proven track record of success. We are experienced people that understand the challenges of running a business (because we’ve been there) and we truly want to help you grow and change the world. Our ask of you is to think big and be bold. Together we can ride the waves of change to new and extraordinary new heights.

For investors, Changing Tide Ventures de-risks the opportunity to invest in solving some of the world’s biggest problems.  Since the world’s biggest problems represent the world’s biggest profit opportunities we provide high-return opportunities that fit the strategic and risk profiles of our syndicate investors. We are fellow investors with a mission to make the world a better place. We are good people that understand the challenges of running a business (because we’ve been there) and we truly want to help our companies grow and change our world. Our ask of you is to think big and be bold. Together we can ride the waves of change to new and extraordinary new heights.


Traditional Business                        

Transaction Relationship

Seek Answers First

Invest in Isolation

Narrow & Predictable Impact

Individual Ownership

Immediate Return



Changing Tide Vision

Transformational Relationship

Seek Understanding First

Invest respecting strategic interrelationships

Scaled and Unpredictable Impact

Collective Ownership

Sustained Return


We are building a development ecosystem so we can change the tide of business from;

  • Transactional to Transformational: Traditional investments are typically linear, often hierarchical relationships between funders and founders. The dynamic is similar to a client purchasing services from a provider. By contrast, ecosystem investors consider transforming the way they operate just as they may expect a practitioner to shift the way they are delivering services. As an example, networks of practitioners working on a common outcome. They are transforming the way they do business to achieve better results and by increasing the scale and reducing the risk all partners share in a greater benefit.
  • Answers to Understanding: Traditional investments is a bet placed on a known answer. For example, a funder may see a successful founder in one community and import it into another. Ecosystem investors meanwhile identify a process to help understand the conditions for change. For example, we are engaging community members to identify and scale local practices that are having an impact and expand them to become models of best practice for the global community.
  • Isolation to Interrelation: Traditional investing often involves an individual funder working with a single founder to achieve the desired result. While ecosystem investing requires that investors understand and engage the complex interplay of partners and variables to move a specific outcome. Ecosystem investors work together with practitioners and other stakeholders to create conditions and solutions that achieve concrete, lower risk, highly saleable outcomes. Together we are working as committed partners to engage over the long-term to make improvements and accelerate the accomplishment of defined goals.
  • Narrow and predictable to scaled and unpredictable: Traditional investments often attempt to address a very specific and definable problem with a narrow and targeted solution. Ecosystem investing, on the other hand, yields unpredictable results precisely because it operates within a dynamic environment. A proposed solution might result in an unexpected set of stakeholders engaging more deeply, and emerging as critical champions or challengers.
  • Individual to Collective: Small groups of organized individuals with highly aligned objectives can drive companies. Ecosystems require a host of partners, each of which brings its own set of priorities, and are constantly re-establishing equilibrium and redefining roles. We support this model by facilitating the engagement of relevant community partners and then helping them make adjustments to their own approach and priorities to ensure the advancement of collective goals for the combined greater outcome.
  • Immediate to Sustained: Traditional investors often seek to deliver results in a direct and time-limited manner. While this can lead to short term gains it also leads to suboptimal long term results.  Ecosystem investors push for the achievement of specific goals against a timeline, but recognize the need for and support infrastructure to sustain impact and development over the long-term such that the return is sustainably increasing over time.