What we do

Your success is our success.

Everything we do is focused on enabling, advancing and accelerating, your business objectives.  Since every business is different, we tailor our solutions and strategies to your unique situation. That said, our strategies always do have something in common: reducing friction in your growth plans and maximizing connections to accelerate your global impact.

We Support

We provide strategy, insight, resources, services, and expertise.

We Invest

We invest the human and financial capital necessary to grow and scale your business.

We Build

We provide you access to a global network of like-minded partners.

Our ideal partner companies:

  • Understand the problem they are solving
  • Have business fundamentals built on a sustainable business model
  • Have a clear model for monetizing a robust market potential
  • Own innovative products and services
  • Can articulate a strong customer value proposition
  • Can attract an experienced management team
  • Have demonstrated a predictable track record
  • Have the potential to scale massively


As partners, we take a patient and flexible approach, we also provide the follow-on investment companies need as they scale. As such, Changing Tide typically to invests $3 to $30 million per tranche in innovative companies with a demonstrated growth trajectory and a clear vision for accelerated global growth and impact.

We consider growing companies across all industries, but we have a bias towards technology-based companies. All our companies must demonstrate an ability to make a positive global impact at scale as our collective goal is to positively impact a billion people within 10 years.

At the core, we are investing in great people with a clear focus on great goals. So not only do we prefer entrepreneurs to retain control, we actively support and develop the company’s teams and employee talent so as to help them fill gaps and develop competencies needed to succeed.

We consider our investments partnerships. As a portfolio company, you have access to our entire global network - an international ecosystem designed to support each other and change the world.