What we do

Everything we do is designed to increase connections and reduce friction.

We partner with high potential / high impact companies that have the potential to change the world. to unlock this potential;

We Support

We provide strategy, people, services, and expertise.

We Invest

We invest the human and financial capital.

We Build

We bring together a network of partners.

Changing Tide seeks to invest $3 to $30 million in innovative companies with a demonstrated growth trajectory and a clear vision for accelerated growth on a global scale. We target growing companies across industries. We consider our investments partnerships and each portfolio company is joining an international ecosystem designed to support the goal of positively impacting a billion people within 10 years.

As partners, we take a patient and flexible approach, we also provide the follow-on investment companies need as they scale.

At the core, we are investing in great people with a clear focus on great goals. So not only do we prefer entrepreneurs to retain control, we actively support and develop the company’s teams and employee talent so as to help them fill gaps and develop competencies needed to succeed.

Furthermore, to assist companies with their impact goals we provide a global network or resources and professional talent that entrepreneurs can choose to collaborate with to accelerate their goals.