How it works

If you are an accredited investor, we invite you to create a free account. It will give you access to the Changing Tide investor network, where you can review investment opportunities.

What companies are on the Changing Tide network?

Our managing partner team, venture capitalists with 25+ years of experience, conduct due diligence and curate from the best investment opportunities based on a strict investment thesis.

Investing alongside Changing Tide partners

Every time Changing Tide invests in a new company, we create a single purpose Limited Partnership fund. Accredited investors in our network can invest in the fund, which in turn invests in the target company.

After the investment 

Changing Tide takes on the role of Managing Partner in the company-specific fund. We work closely with portfolio companies to grow them to their full potential, all the way to a liquidation event. We keep our investors informed of all developments via quarterly and annual reports, as well as monthly email updates.