About Us

Our Story

The world is changing fast and the tides of change cannot be stopped. Companies can either be swept away by the tides of change or ride them to new heights.

We believe that solving the world’s biggest problems represent the world’s biggest profit opportunities. What typically makes doing this so difficult for most entrepreneurs, companies, and governments is that these problems typically are so big and complex it takes an ecosystem of entities who share a common set of values, priorities, and rewards to implement and scale a meaningful difference.

Changing Tide has been created to create and foster that ecosystem in a for-profit model so as to best leverage the innovative problem-solving capabilities of the world’s best entrepreneurs together with the worlds best organizations.

We believe great companies produce both exception impact and sustainable financial results when they;

  • Recouple overall economic progress with gains in living standards. Because companies that create successful employees and successful customers simply do better, by doing better.
  • Decouple economic progress from environmental degradation. Because solving the worlds greatest problems represent the worlds greatest profit opportunities.
  • End marginalization so that absolutely no one gets left behind. Because companies that foster human health, education and skills development become innovation leaders that dominate in a changing world.

We lived in both worlds

As executive leaders, we know how big corporations work, and more importantly, how they don’t.

As entrepreneurs, we know what it’s like to pour everything into your work only to run out of cash or not have the connections to make a great idea scale. At Changing Tide, we successfully bridge the two.

Changing Tide is a crowdfunded venture capital firm focused on building next-generation companies capable of generating superior returns and superior impact.
As both experienced operating managers and venture investors, our management board and advisors add value to our portfolio companies through our highly skilled team, models of best practice, extensive industry network and collaborative investment strategy. From leading Fortune 100 companies at the executive and R&D to launching novel technologies, to successfully navigating the regulatory frameworks that define new markets, to working in and growing start-ups, our deep experience as a collaborative team is unparalleled.

Combining the domain expertise and investment experience team brings together over 100 years of senior-level operating experience in conjunction with over 50 years of experience operating and managing venture capital.

Our Vision

Companies can either be swept away by the waves of change or ride them to new heights. Changing Tide is creating a global ecosystem of shared resources that accelerate companies that solve the worlds biggest problems. We do this by helping them to increase connections and reduce friction in their growth plans.


Our Mission

To support and develop companies capable of positively impacting a billion people within 10 years.


Our Values

The principles that guide our company strategy and our individual actions;

Be remarkable. We exist to change the world. One remarkable personal and one remarkable thing at a time.

Be empathetic. Listen first, then listen more. Everyone has a story that drives their actions, understanding it is everything.

Be candid. We all care about each other and we support open and honest feedback, always default to transparency and openness.

Take ownership. You are the most important person in our organization. Our work succeeds or fails because of you.

Be curious. Change is constant and accelerating, everything is an opportunity to learn if you look for the lessons, improvement is an iterative curiosity process.

Be introspective. Make time to reflect. Improvement comes from making many small changes. The easiest thing to change is yourself.

Be uncomfortable. Our growth happens when we push our boundaries, take risks, think bigger then we think we can.

Execution matters. We earn our right to exist by the results we produce.

We demonstrate these values by encouraging and rewarding informed risk-taking, treating others as we want to be treated, supporting the development of a relationship based positive and collaborative ecosystem, caring about our impact, delivering promised results, working as a team, fostering creativity, paying attention to detail and above all have an emotional commitment to our sustainable collective success.

Our Collaborative Partner Model

We have big goals. It is impossible to do it alone. We're constantly working to build an ecosystem of partners that can help our companies accelerate growth and make a positive impact at scale. Our partner companies help by;

  • Identifying investment opportunities
  • Supporting companies growth goals
  • Helping companies overcome professional, technical, marketing, financial or operational hurdles
  • Providing access to global markets
  • Connecting relationships with opportunity

We hope you will join us....

If you share these values or want to help, let's talk.